PetVille yards arrive, but you gotta work for it

petville yards arrive -- give your pets some fresh air
At last, we can let our PetVille pets roam outside in a brand new yard. Well, OK, you have to do a few things before you setting Fido free in the great outdoors, like, actually building the yard with help from your friends. Building a yard requires five different types of materials, which can be sent as gifts from friends. Find out exactly what you need to get started after the jump >
petville yards arrive

Here's how to get started constructing your pet's yard, courtesy of the official PetVille fan page:

Let's get started:
You'll see a new yard icon on the right side of your house. Click on the yard icon to go outside! It looks like this:

There will be a progress sign in your yard while it is under construction.

Using Materials:
Everyone starts off with one wheelbarrow of dirt to get them started. In your yard, there is a wooden sign with a green button on it. Click this button to use the materials you have collected. You can click on this button any time you have new materials to use.

Once you have used up all of your supplies, click on the green "Get Supplies" button in your yard to bring up the materials window. In this window, you can see how many materials you need, buy more materials, or ask your friends to send you materials.

Send your friends yard materials and ask them to send materials back to you!

Sending Materials:
Each pet can gift 2 of the 5 types of materials that you will need. The materials that you can gift are determined randomly so you will need the help of a few different friends to collect all of the different kinds of materials.

All done? Visit the yard store!

Once you are done building your yard, it is time to decorate! Click on the world icon and visit the brand new yard store!

CLICK HERE to go outside and start building your yard now!
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