Need More Storage Space? Try a Door

Target's over-the-door purse rackPutting a bed on risers or installing shelves is usually the go-to solution when dealing with organizational conundrums, but don't forget about the usefulness of a door when trying to maximize storage in your apartment.

Over-the-door organizers are not just for towels and shoe racks anymore. Manufacturers have diversified into offering a variety of storage solutions that all can be swung over your door (See our image gallery).

So, what are the advantages of going the over-the-door route versus the infinite number of other organizers?

Door organizers are affordable, compact, easy to install (most require no assembly and are attached just by placing brackets over the edge of the door), and you can hide belongings when you want to simply by closing the door.

Before you go online shopping though, you'll want to measure the depth of your door (most standard doors are 1 3/8") and also want to check if anything constricts the space behind your door. (For example, does it butt up against another door, doorknob or other piece of furniture? Then, this might not be the way to go for you).

You'll have extra room and feel organized. Maybe you'll even kick that habit of throwing things haphazardly under the bed or in the closet.

Over-the-Door Storage
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Need More Storage Space? Try a Door
No more crushed rolls of wrapping paper or searching high and low for ribbon, tape and scissors ($24.99).
This clever storage unit kills two well-accessorized birds with one stone. This jewelry cabinet's facade is also a mirror ($109.99).
Fluffy blankets can be bulky, awkward to store, but this Jokari door system ($15.49) has curved cubby holes that holds rolled up blankets, towels and other linens in place.
Bed Bath & Beyond's over-the-door sports rack ($14.99) has two machine-washable mesh bags that can be used for basketballs, baseball mitts and other small equipment. Or why not use it as a hamper and detach the bags when the laundry piles up?
This easy method of hanging purses on your door lets you easily scan what purse goes with today's cute outfit ($17.99).
This basic-but-stylish over the hanger keeps your clothes from having the grunge-crumpled look ($28.00).
No doubt you sporty-types are in need of a good place to hang your hats. he back of a door is a clever spot to store baseball caps because nothing can be placed on top and crush them ($10.49).
A clever space to store and utilize the ever-cumbersome ironing board -- maybe now that you've found the space you can start saving on those dry cleaning bills.

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