More Whimsical Costumes Arrive to YoVille

YoVille Whimsical Costumes
YoVille Whimsical Costumes

More whimsical costumes are now available at the YoVille Clothing Boutique. You can now dress like a playing card for 3000 coins. Matching hats and diamond scepters are also on sale. Go whimsical again with all the new costume!

And if you're not a fan of playing cards, you can dress like a rose. The rose costume that looks more like a tree costume is available for 3000 coins and rose hats are available in 4 different colors for 10 YoCash.

All costumes are for coins while all hats, handheld items and accessories are for YoCash. This is supposed to be the last whimsical costumes update.

Prices and pictures are after the link.