Losing weight on the Money Diet, week 12: Ignorance is fattening

losing weight on the money diet
losing weight on the money diet

As you've probably heard, the newly passed health care bill isn't just going to change health insurance. There was a provision in the bill that's going to soon make it mandatory for chain restaurants and vending machines to post how many calories each menu item contains. As someone who's been actively trying to lose weight, I'm all for it.

And I thought I'd mention my weight now -- as an introduction -- because I'm going to bring up the whole calorie thing again at the end of this post. Anyway, while I'm a little embarrassed to crow about half a pound, there it was, a few hours before I started writing this, on my scale, unmistakable. I'm pretty happy, because 246.5 is a number I haven't seen for awhile, so, sure, I'll take it.