Inflatable Furniture: Not Just a Bunch of Hot Air


Apartment hopping? Subletting? Are you a (housing) commitment-phobe? Do you love irony? Want to avoid this? Inflatable furniture may be for you.

Dutch designer Jeroen van de Kant has turned the traditional Chesterfield couch on its button-tufted ear with aptly-titled "Blofield," an inflatable version. And unlike blow-up brightly-colored lawn or poolside furniture, the Blofield comes in decidedly adult colors: white, grey and earth green, in one-, two-, and three-seater options. There's even a kid-sized armchair called "Baby Blo."

And like the convenience the Aerobed, the Blofields come with an electrical pump that inflates chairs in minutes.

Now, if only van de Kant would come up with an inflatable Chippendale coffee table, we'd make a pot of English tea.

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