Digital Chocolate launches NanoStar Platform on Facebook (officially)

Game company Digital Chocolate, spearheaded by Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins, announces the launch of the NanoStar game platform on Facebook.

Essentially, Digital Chocolate plans to release a series of games with virtual goods -- in this case special characters -- that can be used across all of the games on the same platform. These NanoStar characters can be unlocked while playing games or purchased in a pack. Below is an example of one of these characters, which can be used different ways in different NanoStar games.

nanostar character Aybabtu
nanostar character Aybabtu

The first game on the new platform is called NanoStar Castles, a simplified trading card game, something along the lines of Pokemon or Magic the Gathering. To that point, Digital Chocolate founder Trip Hawkins says he wants the game to be a "Pokémon for grownups. I like films like Shrek that can appeal to a wide-age range audience. People who grew up with Pokemon that are now on Facebook can also enjoy NanoStar Castles."

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