Debunking the myths and scary stories about the new insurance mandate

health care
health care

I'm mildly ashamed to admit that I was perusing a competing blog the other day and was consequently shocked to notice on the front page a banner headline and gigantic photo warning that if you don't buy health insurance under the new law, armed IRS agents in full riot gear will storm your neighborhood and take you by force.

That's what we typically refer to in journalism as "crazy."

Let's rewind. The newly passed health care reform legislation includes a variety of immediate benefits that will make your life just a little easier. Your kids will be allowed to remain on your policy until they're 27. Senior citizens will see their out-of-pocket prescription drug costs discounted by 50% while trapped inside the infamous "doughnut hole" -- in fact, if a senior has already reached the doughnut hole this year, he or she can expect to see a $250 reimbursement check from the government. Small businesses will receive a huge tax cut (35-50%) in order to pay for a group policy.