YoVille: Build your own collectibles using widgets

YoVille Build Collectibles with Widgets
Looks like we are finally going to see what widgets look like! A new feature is coming soon to YoVille. You will be able to build your own collectible with widgets. Yes, we've been going to the Widget Factory for about two years and soon we will get to actually build with these widgets.

Zynga's official Platinum Ninja has a complete guide to this new feature. Make sure to check and comment. We'll let you know when this feature goes live.

Build your Own Collectible.. Coming soon!!
by platinum ninja on March 25th, 2010

Hey Guys,

Expect to see a new machine in the Factory soon that will help you build your own collectible item!! The goal is to collect all the widget pieces and build your collectible item in this new machine. We'll be mixing up the buildable items along the way so stay tuned! Let's walk through how this feature is going to work. :)

First, go to the Factory and check out this new Machine. It will be located on the right hand sign of the Factory and will have blinking lights ready to build! Once you locate it click on it to find out what to do next!
New YoVille Widget Factory Machine for Buildables
When you click on this new machine, you will be given the options to build one of two different items. Choose the one that you want to build and Begin the Production.
YoVille Select Item to Build
You will then be given the breakdown of the number of widgets collected and how many more you need once you begin your project. We'll also give you the option to send or request more widgets and the ability to purchase a specific widget color set if you would like. Make sure to collect all 10 Widgets of each color set so you have all of the materials to build that collectible!
YoVille Request Items at Widgets
To Request Widgets: Click Request Parts and choose the color widget that you want and the friends you want to send the request too. This will appear in your friend's requests on Facebook – if they choose to send you one the next time you come in game you will receive a pop up about your latest widget collection.
YoVille Tell Your Friends about Collectible
You will also be given the opportunity to post a Feed along the way to your Friends to request their help! If your friend chooses to help you they will be able to click in and choose the Widget to send you. A great suggestion here is when you post a Feed – utilize the message area to tell your friends which Widget you need.
YoVille Widget Facebook Wall Request
How to Send Widgets: You can also send widgets through this feature, so be a good friend and send widgets to your friends to help them complete their collectible! To send your friends some Widgets you can do so by clicking on the machine and clicking Send Widgets. From here you will be able to choose the color widget you want to send and to what friend.

Also you will be able to send your Friends Widgets through the Free Gifts page, however this will be limited to only a few widget colors.

How to Buy Widgets: If you do not want ask your friends to send you widgets you will also be given the option to purchase the complete color set of widgets to speed up the building process! Simply find the Widget you need more of and click buy and that Widget color set complete :)

Once you have collected all the widgets in a color set it will say done and once you have finished all of the color sets you will have the option to build it. Remember you need to get 10 Widgets in each color – Red, Green, Purple and Yellow and complete each set before you can build. If you have them all completed click on the "Build" Button and voialllllaaa!! You will receive the item that you worked so hard to create!
Ready to Build YoVille Collectible
Make sure to share with your friends by clicking "Tell your Friends" about your completed project and if they click in on your Feed they have a chance of getting a bonus themselves!
Finished YoVIlle Colllectible
*Please note that these widgets that you collect will not be a placeable item and will not be found in your inventory. They are only a part of this building game and once your item is completed you will start another building project again with the Widgets you have collected.If you want to see how many widgets you have collected click on the Machine in Factory and you can find that information there. However, your collectible you have built will be in your inventory and will be placeable and you can build as many as you want*

Well that's about all folks!! We'll keep you updated on when this feature is live in game. Thanks for stopping by and getting updated :)

- Platinum Ninja

This article originally appeared on YoVille Lounge.
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