Wild Ones Snacks power-up pets


Wild Ones continues to introduce new weapons and items. The latest update rolled out a whole new feature called the Snack Bowl. When players click the new Order Food button, they'll be taken to a menu of snacks (pictured below).

As you might have guessed, ordering snacks isn't free. However, even those unwilling to spend Treats or Facebook Credits can chow down. Almost all of the snacks cost Coins rather than the costly alternative.

The snacks themselves power-up your pet. Depending on the item, you'll receive up to a 25 percent damage boost for up to three turns. You'll be able to tell when your snack or an opponent's snack is engaged as the pet will give off a white aura (pictured here). Also keep in mind the more expensive and powerful the snack, the longer the delivery time is.

For example, the watermelon costs 50 Coins, gives your pet a 25 percent damage boost for three turns, and is delivered in 24 hours.

So head over to Wild Ones and check out the new snack power-ups. Don't forget, delivery takes a while so order soon.