Warning! Fake Mafia Wars toolbars busted stealing Facebook passwords


Several fake Mafia Wars toolbars that are floating around the Web are actually elaborate scams to snag your Facebook passwords and personal information. Sunbelt blog says these phishing applications, will appear normal at first, but when you hit the 'Facebook' button, it leads to a fake Facebook web site, where -- if you attempt to login -- will capture your real Facebook password.

Fake Mafia Wars toolbar steal facebook passwords
Fake Mafia Wars toolbar steal facebook passwords

There are a few ways to protect your Facebook password and personal info from fake toolbars:

1. The first and the best way is to avoid using any toolbars other than the official ones created by Zynga.
2. Be especially wary if the toolbar offers 'cheats' for Mafia Wars or any other game.
3. If you want to install a toolbar with cheats anyway, avoid clicking any button that promises to lead you to Facebook
4. If you decide to click a button on a toolbar that takes you to Facebook, make sure the URL is Facebook.com, rather than Facebook.tk or any other URL that seems unusual.

Again, your best bet is to avoid using third-party social gaming toolbars completely to make sure your information is 100% safe.

Have you run across any of these fake Mafia Wars toolbars?

[Via All Facebook, via Sunbelt blog]