Sweet San Francisco Rental: Ocean Beach Apartment, $1,675

Things are looking up, if you move into this sweet rental you'll get the first month.........FREE!!!! (Note exclamation points to emphasize this fact.)

The best part is, this place is located close to Ocean Beach. If you are a surfer the waves on this beach are massive; especially in the winter months. But you don't have to surf to live here -- simply look out the window of your one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment at the stunning beach view.

Ocean beach is a great place to live. You get sunsets on the beach and parking in front of your home, while being in close proximity to shops and restaurants.The only drawback is the beach in San Francisco is often the cloudiest place in town. When the fog rolls in, it's like being in a blanket of cotton. But just think about that one month of free rent!
There's something charming about these roughly 1960's-era apartments. Large! Large! Large! This apartment is big for a one bedroom. Besides having hardwood floors this place also trumpets a working, brick fireplace for those cold, foggy San Francisco nights. And parking is available, though not really needed in this part of town. But who wouldn't love laundry right in the building?

Both rooms are really large, so if you want, the living room could be converted into another bedroom. The place is vacant right now, so you can move in ASAP and probably work out a deal with the (likely desperate) landlord.

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Ocean Beach runs about $1,395. So this is a bit above average but look at that sweet ocean view from the windows. Might be worth it. And, besides, maybe you can get the landlord to come down a bit.

Here are some tips and stats to arm you for renegotiating rent with the landlord.

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