Social City Cheats & Tips: How to add water to your city

social city cheats and tips: how to add water to your city

Social City, the new city-building game from Playdom, hasn't added a water tool that will allow you to create rivers, giant lakes or any other big bodies of H20. However, someone came up with the ingenious idea of using the Blue Flower Patch to mimic water in the game. We found this example above on the game's official Facebook fan page.

social city blue flower patch store

The Blue Flower patch costs 1,000 coins each and adding them to your city will increase experience points by 4 and overall happiness by 100. There's also a side benefit to creating faux bodies of water -- since you have to buy quite a few to complete the effect, this can be a good way to level up fast, much like buying hay bales in FarmVille.

If you've used the Blue Flower Patch to create water in Social City, send it to, and we'll post it here.

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