Pet Society Easter Fish: Ten of the cutest holiday fish yet


Spring has sprung in Pet Society and just like Valentine's Day and the other holidays before it -- a special Easter Fish biscuit has been introduced in the Cash store for 4 Playfish Cash each. Buy a bundle of these, take them to the pond and start fishing for 10 of the cutest holiday fish yet.

Pet society easter fish list
Pet society easter fish list

The list of Pet Society Easter fish include the following: Lamb fish, Chick fish, Chocolate Egg fish, Lily fish, Daffodil fish, Bunny fish, Red Tulip fish, Easter Ribbon fish, Pink Egg fish and Blue Egg fish. We want to cuddle with the Bunny fish and would be tempted to take a bit out of that chocolate fish -- doesn't it look scrumptious?

Which Easter Fish is the cutest? Which ones have you caught already?

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