MMA Pro Fighter Cheats & Tips: Getting Started Guide

MMA Pro Fighter beginner's guide
MMA Pro Fighter, from Digital Chocolate, is a really high quality social game that keeps drawing more and more players to the ring. In this game, you become a MMA Pro Fighter, choose your own fighting skills and start training to become the best MMA fighter in the world. In this article we'll go through the basic aspects of the game and learn how to play MMA Pro Fighter.

1. Your Fighter

This is the overview window where you can check your fighter's status, the techniques you can use in fights as well the ones you use the most, as well as details on the equipment and other items you own.

Every time you gain a level, you'll be awarded attribute points which can be used to improve your fighter - it would be wise to only improve your health and stamina, in order to get a really powerful fighter.

In the Fighter menu you can also change your tattoos or hairstyle to look more as a fighter you'd like to be in real life. Also, you can customize your fighter with shorts from your country and much more.
MMA Pro Fighter Fight
2. Fights
In the Fight tab you can choose other fighters for matches. Here you should play smart and choose for fighters with similar techniques as yours and maybe lower condition. You can see the amount of experience and cash you can win from winning your fight, so always choose carefully.

There are three types of fights you can access here, all of them with similar results:

1) Fights against other MMA avatars
2) Fights against your Friends
3) Fights against special MMA Pro Fighter Champions which get unlocked at certain levels.
MMA Pro Fighter Training
3. Training
Here you can gain those extra bits of experience and keep your fighter at the highest condition possible. Unlike in other games, it shouldn't be really wise to train as much as possible since training only gives you experience and levels you up very fasy. However, you need money to learn new techniques (and you can get money via fighting only or purchase them for real cash), so a high level doesn't really mean that you're a lot better. So only use the training when needed and don't overdo it!
MMA Pro Fighter Techniques
4. Fighting techniques
As I said before, you can learn fighting techniques and master them - all being done from the SHOP. These can be from your preferred fighting style or any other style available in the game. Also, there are offensive, defensive and combos - all of them costingmoney to learn and having more levels to master. A general advice would be to learn the defensive techniques first in order to avoid getting a one hit KO from a nobody, and only then train your offense. Choose carefully sincemoney is limited and you can't become an expert in all the fighting styles! Also have in mind that learning techniques from other styles than your favorite ones costs more!

5. The importance of adding friends
Even though MMA Pro Fighter is not a game that puts a huge accent on the social element, your sparring friends can not only send you valuable free gifts (like health replenishers), but you also earn more experience thanks to your friends. Even more, sometraining can't be done without the help of friends, so it would be wise to add a few active ones early on! However, they don't play such an important role as in other more peaceful games, like FarmVille.

6. Complete Challenges
These are the game's achievements are a great and easy way to earn extra dollars and experience. Make sure you check this area as often as possible and complete as many challenges as possible to further improve your fighter!

7. Ring Girls
These beauties need Pro Points to keep you happy and healthy. Pro Points are the in-game currency you can only get for completing in-game offers or purchasing them for realcash. So be really careful when spending them!

8. How to get more cash in MMA Pro Fighter?
As I said, it's really difficult to gain money in this game and money is essential for improving your fighting and also getting some boosts, plus that you need some extra money to be able to train.

Most of the money will be won by winning fights, so you should make sure you fight as often as possible and win as much as possible. This will be your main source of income and it's better to fight for lower rewards (but certain wins) than trying to fight against better players and losing, since you'll have to wait a lot for your health to replenish.

Also, you're awarded quite a few bucks for completing the challenges, so make sure you visit that page often and claim your rewards.

Finally, you can simply buy Cash for Pro Points (the in-game currency).

9. How to level up faster in MMA Pro Fighter?
The easiest way to level up in the game is by completing training sessions. However, have in mind that it's not the wisest idea to have a high level fighter who isn't a master of many fighting techniques. So, as strange as it might sound, you shouldn't focus on levelling up too fast since that will hurt your fighter!

I hope you've found this guide helpful and you'll find it easier to play MMA Pro Fighter!

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