Kmart coupon, this time it's for real

Kmart renegs on internet coupon gone too far, but this one is for real
Kmart renegs on internet coupon gone too far, but this one is for real

Just last week, I wrote about how Sears Holdings has become more Internet savvy, using social media for promotions and Twitter in particular to recruit new hires. But it seems as though Sears is still at the beginning of its learning curve when it comes to marketing online, with its Kmart stores making a major mistake by issuing, not honoring and ultimately retracting a coupon. There's a new offer at the end of this story though, so read through ...

The faulty coupon was sent in an email blast to Kmart customers in Chicago, Baltimore and New York City, and offered $10 off a purchase of $20. It failed to mention however, that it was good only in those markets. The email got forwarded, a lot, and chaos ensued.

Apparently, Kmart hadn't realized how quickly things get around in the Internet age. The retailer posted a statement on of all places, its Facebook page saying:

"A coupon for $10 off a $20 purchase has had unauthorized circulation and we have had to stop accepting it at most stores. The coupons will still be honored in the intended stores in the New York, Baltimore and Chicago area. We regret any inconvenience this may cause our customers. Thank you for your continued patronage ..."

Predictably, people are upset. There are more than 150 comments on that post ripping into Kmart for bungling the discount, and more scattered throughout the page. But here's an offer Walletpop is assured will not be revoked:

"Consumers can go to their local Kmart store now through Saturday and receive a $25 gift card when they purchase a Nintendo Wii console." This comes directly from Kmart. It is available only in Kmart stores, not online. It's not even mentioned online. But you heard it here first ...