Happy Pets Pet Trader allows players to swap furry friends

happy pets pet trader opens
happy pets pet trader opens

Happy Pets from Crowdstar just opened up the Pet Trader, a new feature that will allow players to put specific pets up for adoption, allowing friends to go in and give cats, dogs, bunnies, etc a new home. Previously, the only way to make room for new pets, was to basically delete pets from your game in exchange for some cash. Now friends can benefit from all of your hard work -- and vice versa. You can also hit up the Pet Trader to find new pets, maybe something rare or only available to higher level players.

The Pet Trader seems to be running a little slowly right now (and crashed a few times as well), so we're guessing there's still a little tweaking going on behind the scenes to turn this new feature into a well-oiled trading machine.

Happy Pets Pet Trader: Will you use it?

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