Happy Island gets a facelift with new Crater Lake island style and more

Happy Island
Happy Island Crater LakesHappy Island released a number of small updates this week: new attractions, decorations, and a new island style are all available.

The new island style called Crater Lakes raises the island count to six. As we previously reported, each one of these exotic islands can replace your happy island, breathing new life into stale resorts.

If you're rather attached to your retreat, you can always expand to multiple islands. Because of it's limited building space and exquisite vistas, Crater Lakes makes a lovely pick for your second island. Unfortunately, the new island costs a whopping 159 Facebook Credits!

Follow the link to read about the new decorations and attractions Happy Island has to offer.

The new attractions are the Sushi Cart and the Fossil Tar Pool. The Fossil Tar Pool costs 29 Facebook Credits. Fortunately, the Sushi Cart goes for 9,500 Coins but requires the player to be at Level 14 to purchase it.

Happy Island Sushi CartHappy Island Fossil Tar Pool

The decorations are slightly kinder on the wallet. The Redwood Tree costs 5,200 Coins and the Coral Cluster a mere 1,200 Coins. The lava dribbling, smoke coughing Vesuvian Lava Flow though, costs 29 Facebook Credits.

Happy Island Coral ClusterHappy Island Vesuvian Lava FlowHappy Island Redwood Tree

So, once again, the coolest items require us to spend our precious Facebook Credits. Even so, we always enjoy when games release updates and items for fans to pour over.

Head over to Happy Island to see the items in motion and to decide whether any of these items are for you.
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