Craigslist Roommate Nightmares: Spliffs, Nudity and Doorless Rooms

Time for more nightmare roommate scenarios from San Francisco. In this edition we found several potential-nightmare situations found in ads on Craigslist. Take your pick. Do you want to rent the room without a door where the guy wants to use you for eye-candy? How about the psychedelic explorers who smoke pot all day? Then there's the roommates who like to throw sexy-time parties.

$100 Den for Rent for attractive, open minded female (san jose downtown)

I have a den for rent in my apartment. It doesn't have a door, but its still your own space. I am looking for an attractive girl who'd move in. Please be ok with nudity and sex. I'm 30, attractive and just looking for a cute girl for some eye candy! Nothing more ... no sex trade expected.

Our Take: Is $100 a month rent worth the price to be "eye candy"? Would you always want to be eye candy 24/7 in your door-less den room? (Did he take the door out to facilitate the eye-candy-experience? No sex trade "expected." Yes, but I'm sure your new roommate will keep asking. Nightmare.

$1 Negotiable room for rent in a nice house (dublin / pleasanton / livermore)
I'm a divorced male looking for a unique living situation! I am offering reduced rent for an attractive, open minded and friendly female. You will have your own room, and acccess to the rest of the house (kitchen, living room, family room, etc.)

No sex implied! But please be mindful that I'm not opposed to it! I would never come on to you so you don't need to feel violated or anything. Just trying to have a little fun and have a cool roommate to hang out with. Shoot me an email if you're interested and pics would help. Include your age, occupation, and contact info. Rent is negotiable. I'm interested in clean, neat, attractive females who are fun and need a place to stay.

Our Take: Yes, this new potential roommate will never come on to you -- except in his Craigslist ad. Just bare in mind his creepy sexual tension will always be there on the surface. Hurrah! Rent is negotiable -- very, very creepy. Nightmare.

$610 Artistic, Radical Loft Looking for 4th Fabulous Person! (oakland east)
Roomies can often be found relaxing in the bathtub, watching a movie on our projector, or kicking it with friends in the space. We're all sex-positive, radical, queer types, so we're often walking around naked, bathing while others are brushing teeth, etc. Being comfortable with sharing your space this way is a big plus. Reid and Allison also occasionally throw sexy-time type gatherings or workshops.

Our Take: I imagine toothbrushing would get really old fast with the odd naked person lingering near. I can't wait for Reid and Allison's occasional sexy-time gatherings with all their sexy-time friends enjoying sexy-time in your new home. I don't even want to know what they will use your toothbrush for.

$800 Room Available ApRiL FiRSt in Cozy, Crafty Home (mission district)
we're psychadelic explorers & also appreciate an abundance of natural highs of sobriety & experience.
...with that, 2 of our girls smoke spliffs all day every day ~ please be mindful of this....

Our Take: Great. I wonder if my new roommates are the Lewis and Clark of psychadelic exploration? I'd ask the two girls, but since they smoke spliffs all day I'm not sure if they will remember. Nightmare!

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