YoVille: Build A Giant Chess Set

YoVille Chess Board
It's the whimsical month on YoVille! Zynga released many new items in the Furniture Store. You can now build a whimsical chess set as more chess pieces have been released ( Check picture after the link). The whimsical black and white kings are worth 8 YoCash while the whimsical white and black queens are worth 9 YoCash.

And if you are a red queen lover, you will like this! Many furniture pieces were releases in red to be part of the whimsical red collection. The items look like many of the items that were released before but this time they are in red and blue.

Enough talking. Loads of pictures and prices are after the link plus some pictures of the items in action. Don't forget to comment!

YoVille Whimsical King and Queen pieces
YoVIille chess tiles in action
YoVIlle Whimsical Ottoman, Vanity and Couch
YoVille Whimsical Chair, Bed, and Crazy Hatter Tea Party

This article originally appeared on YoVille Lounge.

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