Boxed Wine Gets Respect

Boxed Wine
Boxed Wine

If the thought of serving a boxed wine makes you blush brighter than a sickly sweet white zinfandel, you're out of the loop. Boxed wines are not only back in fashion, they're better than you remember - with more vineyards than ever thinking inside the box.

Whether you're looking for better value, longer shelf life, or more fridge space, boxed wine has got you covered. Let us help get you over your whole bag-in-a-box hangup with a few major selling points of the boxed stuff.

Better Value
Look no further than SeriousEat's cost comparison of the bottle vs. the box to see the cold, hard numbers. Reduced packaging costs and reduced shipping costs (boxes weigh less and stack better) add up to major savings if you're willing to forgo the bottle.

Still hung up? Pour it in a carafe or decanter and no one will be any the wiser. Or embrace your thriftiness and proudly display your wine box in this ornate wine box display stand. Let your Franzia flag fly!