Beyond Astroturf: Grass-Like Carpets for the Home

John Deere rugNow that you've stowed away winter's wooly socks and skid-free slippers, your bare feet are likely touching polished wood or worn-down carpeting – so why not add a touch of grass.

Spring has sprung and the urge to spruce up your interiors has no doubt crept into your psyche. One glorious spring/summer pastime is long walks in the park – so why not continue that activity indoors.

There are health benefits to walking barefoot, even more so while walking on grass. So let's see if we can fool Mother Nature – while decking out our floors - with this round-up of grass-like carpets:

Beyond Astroturf
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Beyond Astroturf: Grass-Like Carpets for the Home
Permafrost, a Norwegian design firm, says of their grassy patch, "the John Deere rug offers a snapshot of life in rural Scandinavia. Heavy machinery has long since replaced the labor of farm animals, leaving its trademark tracks in the grass and mud." Cleverly, this plush-looking rug also comes in mud-brown.
Leave it CB2 (Crate & Barrel's younger, more modern offspring) to come up with an affordable option to turn our homes into greener pastures. Don't worry if your thumb isn't green, the poly pile of this Par Shag Rug "thrives in all zones year-round."
This rug by Flor fulfills less of your decorative needs and more of your sports enthusiast tendencies. You budding Jack Nicklaus' now have a perfect way to practice your putts on rainy days. Flor's Putt Up or Shut Up Rug Kit consists of two types of their carpets (one smooth, one more plush) and comes with a map so you can create different course configurations.
Of the carpets in this round up, Chilewich may feel the least natural to your bare feet. But to be fair, the Grass Spun mat is hardly as rough as astroturf and has the added bonus of being good for outdoors, too.
You can't fool Mother Nature, but maybe you can fool your friends with the Shag Trompe L'Oeil Floor Mat. The jokesters at Urban Outfitters intended this to be a trick of the eye to make it look as if you have shag carpeting…but squint your eyes ever so slightly and you've got your own grassy knoll.
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