Sweet Chicago Rental: Logan Square Steal, $850

Logan Square one-bedroom for $850
Logan Square one-bedroom for $850

Do a quick Google search on Logan Square and your results will most likely return something about the Chicago neighborhood's "a hipster, artsy scene," "full of energy" and "friendly neighbors." As the name suggests, this burgeoning part of town is centered around an idyllic circular (not square) grassy knoll on the northwest side. On the surrounding streets and boulevards, the residences, from townhouse to bungalows to apartment buildings, are historic and charming.

From the inside and out, this one-bedroom sweet rental lives up to that description. Set in a red brick building, this courtyard apartment has hardwood floors, exposed brick and whitewashed moldings, plus there's laundry in the building. Last rehabbed in 2000, this place's style is more vintage than shiny new. (As if a hipster would have it any other way?)

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