Subway to debut breakfast menu

subway breakfastSandwich giant Subway announced that it wants to take a bite out of the breakfast market with the nationwide launch of egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches. The company also announced that it will soon start using eggs from cage-free hens.

The sandwiches, scheduled to debut in North America on April 5, will feature healthier options such as egg whites, Black Forest ham and whole-wheat English muffins. You can also indulge yourself with steak and cheese on the chain's traditional 6-inch or foot-long breads.

Breakfast at Subway will range in price from $1.75 to $2.25 for English muffin melts to $4 to $6 or the foot-longs.

The economic slowdown, coupled with rising unemployment and a spike in gas prices, has caused tremendous heartburn in the restaurant business. The industry experienced negative growth in real sales over the last two years, and 2010 sales are projected to be flat when adjusted for inflation. This forces chains to try and lure in more foot traffic by being creative with their menus and offering cheaper options.

Subway joins a growing number of chains, including rival Quiznos, who are suddenly pumping their resources into the breakfast business. A study by Chicago-based Mintel shows that restaurants added more than 460 new breakfast products in 2009, that's more than in the previous two years.
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