Smart Idea: an Online Moving Management Service

Moving creates so much chaos that it's easy to end up feeling like an idiot. Whether it's packing your rock collection into the same box as your ceramic figurine collection, or putting your entire underwear stash on the slow-moving ground delivery truck, we've all been there.

Startup web site MoveIdiot aims to help you better manage the moving process to hopefully keep unwelcome surprises to a minimum.

The free service - acquired in 2009 by publicly traded Advanced Technologies Group (AVGG), and relaunched in January - was recently featured as part of's Spark of Genius series, which highlights innovative software startups. (I'm almost positive there's a joke in there about a Genius endorsing an Idiot, right? Anyway...)

Nothing short of a full-service moving company -- managed and paid for by someone else -- will make moving a pain-free experience, but MoveIdiot offers several features that should help minimize the headache of any residential move. To wit:

  • If part of your move involves shipping via a major carrier, you can track packages through UPS, FedEx, and USPS all in one place on MoveIdiot. They'll even plot it onto a Google map so that you can see how distantly your goods are strewn about the country.
  • Keep track of all your stuff by creating an online inventory. You can create unlimited listings of boxes or items, and even assign destination rooms at your new house.
  • Turn your inventory lists into printable labels, so that you can know at a glance what each box contains.
  • Create and manage your moving budget. On the front end, it can help you decide whether you can afford to hand the job off to professional movers (please!). Once the move is in motion, use the tool to keep track of all the little incidental costs that invariably crop up.
  • Check yourself against a moving checklist as you progress to make sure that all of your many to-do's are getting done. Their interface will show you a percentage-based progress bar to help you keep an eye on the finish line.
  • Save and refer back to your previous moves - the budget info should be especially handy for future reference, and you could actually learn something from a previous mistake. Note to self: rock collection with beanie baby collection next time. D'oh!

No one else seems to be offering a service like this. has a Move Planner Service but it doesn't let you keep track of your stuff, instead it looks like they'll send you newsletters and tips. Not as helpful. And several sites, like, will offer quotes from moving companies or sell you supplies but none have the organizational tool of MoveIdiot.
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