PetVille issues two new challenges: Tickle Monster and Berry Blueberry

PetVille tickle monster and berry blueberry

This week's new PetVille challenges just might tickle your fancy (or might just sound kinda creepy, depending). The first challenge -- called Tickle Monster -- gives you seven days (there are six left at the time of this post) to tickle 10 of your neighbors. To tickle neighbors, visit their house and when the Let's Play menu pops up, select the 'Tickle' option. Complete the challenge and score a special badge for bragging rights.

The second challenge for this week -- Berry Berry Blueberry -- requires feeding your pet blueberry kibble and then collecting the gem (aka the Kibble Time bonus) after the food runs out. If you don't play often, this may be challenging since the Blueberry kibble runs out every 8 hours -- so we recommend setting up a reminder to snag that gem before it disappears (and your pet gets sent to the pound). Like the Tickle Monster challenge, complete this and you'll earn a special badge that will tell the world that you're kind of a big deal when it comes to PetVille.

Which PetVille challenges have been the easiest to complete?
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