Low-VOC Paints Now Make You Go Mmmm

Anna Sova's Line of Food PaintsAccording to Consumer Reports March issue, low-volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.) paints are more readily available. V.O.C.'s are those noxious fumes that have been proven to cause short- and long-term adverse health effects while also contributing toxic gasses into the ozone.

But the magazine points out this new batch of eco-friendly paints are not necessarily odorless.

A new breed of paint boasts smells reminiscent to milkshakes, chocolate and clean laundry? Yum. Not only are manufacturers making paints healthier by lowering the number of pollutants they emit, but often the natural products they use to create these paint cleverly change with the way they smell.
To tackle the foul, sometimes sickening feeling that comes along with fresh walls, Anna Sova has introduced a zero-V.O.C. paint made mostly of ingredients found in food. Sova's Food Paint smells like a vanilla milkshake (sadly this fades over a few days). Why? Because ingredients like casein, a milk protein that smells like yogurt, titanium dioxide, an element found in powdered donuts and emulsifiers and preservatives that are found in chocolates are all present and accounted for in the thousand of different shades of paint available (Need help picking the color for you? Check out what's hot for 2010.)

In a recent New York Times article, the author stated that Safecoat's zero-V.O.C. paint has a "milky, fruity odor like that of peach yogurt." And though we haven't tried it, one can only image what smells waft from Real Milk Paint. This zero-V.O.C. also contains the milk protein casein and lime.

Now, what about a paint that smells like fresh laundry?

If food fragrances aren't your forte, Dutch Boy Scented Ceiling Solution masks the smell with a laundry scent and covers surfaces with a single coat, according to Good Housekeeping's lab testings. If this scent intrigues, you'd better hurry and buy it - the line is being discontinued this year.

Compared to five years ago when eco-friendly paints first came on the market, product testers now report their quality and coverage has greatly improved. So go ahead and paint your walls with a chocolate aroma. The only thing to solve now --how to resist trying to lick your walls?
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