Health Care Reform Should Give These Four Pharmacy Stocks a Healthy Boost

Despite all of the efforts by the opposition party President Obama victoriously signed the health care reform bill Tuesday, giving 32 million currently uninsured Americans access to health care. By doing so, the U.S. will begin to slowly catch up with other nations that have been providing health care to all of their citizens for years.

Among the list of reforms, poor adults will gain access to Medicaid, small businesses that insure their employees will receive tax credits, those with pre-existing conditions will not be denied coverage and the Medicare "doughnut hole" that limited the amount of prescription drug coverage for seniors will finally be closed. But the law doesn't just benefit the elderly or the impoverished; several companies stand to cash in on the U.S.'s new policy, as well. In particular, pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers who will be called upon to provide drugs and services to all of these newly insured Americans.

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