The 10 Most Sought After Government Jobs

There is no doubt that the weakened economy has affected everyone. Both recent graduates and seasoned professionals are looking for alternative career paths that offer stability, which is why so many jobless have turned to government jobs to fill that gap.

Washington D.C. has always been discussed as one of the last places to be affected by a crumbling economy, so considering that this is the hub for government jobs, it's no wonder job seekers are doing anything and everything to get their foot in the door. Not only can a government job offer more stability, but employees can look forward to good salaries and benefits, along with plenty of holidays.

As baby boomers leave their government jobs behind and the country continues to increase national security, these are the most sought after government positions for job seekers:

1. Information Technology.

The federal government is expect to hire nearly 12,000 IT workers over the next three years with most of the hiring being done by the military for what has been deemed mission-critical jobs.

2. Legal Experts.

Attorneys and paralegals are always in need, and a government position means better benefits and even better hours.

3. Finance

The IRS, Department of Treasury and other agencies will be looking for accountants and financial analysts to fill thousands of open positions. Finance positions within the government are highly competitive considering that they offer the best starting salaries.

4. Border Patrol

Regardless of your view on immigration, there's no doubt that the U.S. has a lot of border patrol problems. National security is a hot issue that many Americans are passionate about. Job seekers hoping to score a position with border patrol should head to California or New Mexico, where officials are pushing more money into border patrol jobs.

5. Teachers

From foreign language jobs to training and instruction, those looking to break into the education field can start with the government. The majority of the jobs are in general education and training and are located in the Northeast US.

6. Engineers

Engineer jobs are growing across the country, both in the public and private sectors, but workers choosing the former for employment get dibs at working for top agencies like NASA.

7. Biotechnology

With an increasing interest in environmental issues, numerous government agencies are looking for experts in biotechnology. Also, the new Healthcare Bill includes provisions aimed at biotechnology.

8. Multimedia

President Barack Obama changed the way Americans looked at the White House with the use of social media. More agencies are following in his footsteps, which could open up doors and make for interesting work for unemployed journalists.

9. Human Resources

Agencies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs are looking for HR professionals to manage a variety of positions and job duties, but also to handle the surge of government job applicants.

10. Health and Safety

Our nation's health and safety standards are constantly changing, so workers are needed to ensure that laws and regulations are followed.

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