FarmVille new free giftables: Magnolia Tree, Fruit Crate, Small Hill & Cone Topiary

FarmVille has updated the Free Gifting Page to include four new items.

FarmVille Spring Gifts Icon

The new free Giftables include:

  • Magnolia Tree
  • Fruit Crate
  • Small Hill
  • Cone Topiary – ( Exclusive)

The only way to receive these gifts is as a gift from one of your FarmVille neighbors.

Note: Exclusive giftables can only be sent through

FarmVille Magnolia Tree Giftable

FarmVille Small Hill Giftable

FarmVille Fruit Crate Giftable

FarmVille Cone Topiary Giftable ( Exclusive)

What do you think of these new giftables? Which one is your favorite?

This article first appeared on FarmVille Freak.

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