FarmVille Mystery Wings Boxes: Find out what's inside *spoiler*


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FarmVille Winged Mystery Box Notice

As promised from the FarmVille March 22nd Podcast, there is a new Animal Mystery Box!

This Mystery Wings Box has exclusive winged animals only.These animals cannot be purchased elsewhere.

The Mystery Wings Box is available in the FarmVille Market for 16 farm cash during the next 7 days only.

FarmVille Mystery Wings

:::Spoiler Alert:::

The following are confirmed current Mystery Wing Box Prizes:

  • Ostrich (Harvestable animal), 400 XP

  • White Peacock (Harvestable animal), 400 XP

  • Butterflies (Decorative animal), 150 XP

  • Macaw (Decorative animal), 500 XP

  • Mourning Doves (Decorative animal), 200 XP

Note: Harvestable animals yield coins. Decorative animals do not yield coins and can be stored as a decorative item.

Farmville Freak Jans Ostrich, Butterflies, White Peacock, Macaw, & Morning Doves

FarmVille Freak Linkaholic's Mystery Wing Animals

FarmVille Freak Dave's Mystery Wing Animals

What prize did you receive in the animal Winged Mystery Box?

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