Civilization Network lead offers strategy tip: Hoard gold to rule the world

sid meier's civilization network
sid meier's civilization network

The classic PC real-time strategy game -- Civilization -- is in the process of being translated into a Facebook game. Since its announcement in October, we haven't learned much more about Civilization Network other than the fact that it's set to arrive in June and friends will not be able to gift gold to friends in the game.

Today, we finally heard another teensy bit about the game on the official Facebook page, with an introduction to lead producer, David McDonough, who offers would-be players his strategy for dominating in this not-yet-released game: Hoarding gold. Lots of it.

The team here at Firaxis gets into a Civ Network game daily and it's usually a pretty hard fight to come out on top. If I manage to be the victor, it's nearly always because I built myself into an economic engine of petrifying power! I like to chase wealth in Civ – my favorite way to play is to amass such extravagant loads of gold that I can buy and sell nations and armies at a whim...