Bargain Huntress: Exclusive Discount on Typographic Embroideries from Hugo & Marie

Any typography aficionado would do a double take when passing the typographic embroideries hanging in the office of Mario Hugo and Jennifer Sims, co-founders of creative consultancy and artist management agency Hugo&Marie. The hand-embroidered ivory wall pieces beg the passersby to stare at the silk-ivory-hemp mélange, gradually revealing the phrases "Nowhere to Go, Everything to See" and "Twilight, Gravity, and Our Many Impossible Things."

And now, RentedSpaces readers have the chance to own these limited-edition, signed embroideries at an exclusive discount.

Hugo--who has done work for big-name companies like Dolce & Gabbana, British Airways and Capitol Records--originally created "Nowhere to Go" and "Twilight" as illustrations for British design studio It's Nice That and The Mill Agency in New York, respectively. Later, he and Sims re-appropriated them as hand-embroidered wall pieces for Hugo's first solo exhibition at Barcelona's Vallery Gallery in 2008.

"Mario had been really engaged in line and typographic forms, and the ability to run your hands through these particular pieces seemed like a natural progression," says Sims.

After opening their Hugo&Marie online boutique in October 2009, Hugo and Sims (Marie), put up their embroideries on sale--along with other fascinating pieces from up-and-coming, international artists such as Deanne Cheuk and Jules Julien.

Starting today until April 7, 2010, you may purchase the typographic embroideries from Hugo&Marie at a 20 percent discount! Just use offer code RS2010 when purchasing online or over the phone. The offer code is also valid on scarves and hand-made jewelry. Thank you, Mario and Jennifer!

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