Some dollar store stars that last for years

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When I wrote about dollar store things that have stood the test of time, readers responded with an impressive list of favorites. So, I thought it only fitting to include just a few of those stories here.

Dollar stores often stock many great things for your gardening needs as attested to by the lady who wrote in about her wire hanging baskets that are three years old and counting.

Rubbermaid containers are well worth the money, wherever you purchase them. Someone wrote to say the the ones they got for a buck are two years old and still in use. I purchased several Frig o Seal plastic containers several years ago and have never had any reason to complain of the quality.
One reader wrote to say that a stainless steel spatula he bought at the dollar store when he was first married 13 years ago, is still going strong and it gets used every day, inside and outside when they barbecue.

A couple of folks mentioned the silicone barbecue brushes. One person said they've had theirs for three years and love the fact that these brushes are so easy to clean. They also mention that the cost of a silicone barbecue brush at Bed, Bath & Beyond would have been $7.99.

I've got some silicone spatulas, a trivet and a spoon rest, along with other useful kitchen items made out of this useful material, that I've used for years,

Good books, especially kids books can be had for a buck. One person wrote in to say her sister found a Bible two years ago in a dollar store that she still carries with her and it has held up wonderfully well.

Lots of people mentioned finding great glassware. Someone found some Libby margarita glasses for a a buck each that would have cost her $24 for a set of four in a department store. Someone else has some wine glasses that have been around for two years. I too, have found Libby drinking glasses and votive candle holders at a dollar store and there isn't thing one wrong with them.

A squeegee that's been used to clear moisture from the inside of the windshield for several years is still in use. The writer said she was glad that she didn't pay $19 for a similar one she'd seen advertised on TV.

Tea towels, socks, picture frames, place mats, wire and heavy-duty plastic hangers, cookie tins: the list is endless.
These are the kinds of useful things that will last and last. What's not to like for a buck? Anyone who still thinks that all dollar stores carry is junk hasn't been in a Dollar Tree or 99-Cents Only Store for a very long time. And boy, are they missing out on some great stuff and terrific deals!

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer and dollar store diva. She writes tips and ideas for home decorating using only items found at the dollar store.
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