New Restaurant City recipe: Zero Gravity Salad

Restaurant City Giftable Ingredients
Restaurant City Giftable Ingredients

Playfish is certainly bringing special dishes to Restaurant City, recipes we can learn fully with the help of our friends. First, was the special ingredient Cute Chocolate Easter Egg introduced already, but now, we also have a new Starter dish, the Zero Gravity Salad!

How is that possible? Well, it's pretty simple: all the ingredients of this lovely fruit salad can be received as gifts (and also sent) via the gift menu, which allows you to send the following ingredients:

- Banana
- Mango
- Pineapple
- Coconut

With these ingredients, you can learn the limited edition dish, Zero Gravity Salad which is only here to stay for the next 35 days. So... hurry up and learn it if you wish to get such a cool new dish in your restaurant!

This article originally appeared on Social Games Help.