Happy Pets: 25 New Dogs with 7 New Breeds

All new Happy Pets dogs
Happy Pets has gone to the dogs, and in a good way! Twenty of the officially announced breeds are displayed in the above image, but we've counted more than that at the store. As usual, there's level restrictions on some of these pups, and prices vary, but they can be obtained through either in-game coins or Facebook Credits.
Happy Pets new dogs in store
The breeds that this roll-out introduced new designs for are: Doberman (3), German Shepherd (5), Hound Dog (5), Rottweiler (5), Husky (5), Poodle (1), and Dalmatian (1).

Regarding the last two breeds on that list, this is the first time the Poodle and Dalmatian can be bought without FB Credits. You just need to get to Level 40 for the "Brown Poodle" (which costs 3,945 Coins), and Level 45 for the "Grey Dalmatian" (which costs 3,445 Coins). But we recommend using the Mystery Boxes to try your luck, since we actually managed to nab a FB Credits-exclusive "Citrus Dalmatian" with them!
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