Happy Aquarium: Limited Edition Premium Octopus Idol

Happy Aquarium Premium Octopus Idol
Happy Aquarium Premium Octopus Idol

If you always seem to need money in Happy Aquarium, then Crowdstar might have the answer for you: the Premium Octopus Idol, a one-day limited edition item you can purchase and solve all your money-related problems, if you have enough neighbors.

As you can see in the image above, the Premium Octopus Idol, which is only available for purchase today, will reward you with coins every time you clean your neighbors' tanks.

However, the price is really high in my opinion, 108 FB$ or 130 Pearls, which means that you'd have to pay around $11 for it. I think I can get the money the classic Happy Aquarium way, by breeding and selling fish.

What do you think, though? Will you be purchasing the Premium Octopus Idol?

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