Happy Aquarium: Happy "Fish Snacks", a Solution to Lonely Tanks

Happy Aquarium Happy Snacks
Happy Aquarium Happy Snacks

Log into Happy Aquarium today and you'll discover a pink canister of 200 "Fish Snacks" to feed your neighbors' fish with. It's a small change that represents a major improvement for earning coins and collecting Super Sea Shells.

One of the ways to earn coins in Happy Aquarium is to regularly visit your neighbors' tanks to scrub the glass and click on the treasure chests (called "Starter Chest" in the game). But when your neighbors are neglecting their tanks, the chests won't refill with gold, and the treasure chests sport a "Tank Needs Love" sign instead. Moreover, with the introduction of the Super Sea Shell Hunt, clicking on treasure chests have become more important than ever, as it's the ONLY way you can collect those shells.

But now, all you've gotta do is sprinkle some of that happy fish crack snack into those lonely tanks, and the treasure chests will become clickable and full of coins! Sounds questionable, doesn't it? But this solution definitely turns those dead-weight neighbors into productive, gold-producing members of Happy Aquarium once again.

UPDATE: To everyone who loves the new Happy "Fish Snacks" and want more, please note that there's a glitch with this feature! The developers know about this, as people have been loudly complaining on the Happy Aquarium Community (which is the game's official forum). But once it's fixed, we'll have free daily re-fills!

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