Google TV: Next Wave Home Theater?

Google TV
Google can search billions of web pages in less than a half-second, calculate advanced mathematical problems and spy on your neighborhood via satellite. Now according to reports in The New York Timesand The Wall Street Journal, Google is partnering with Sony and Intel to develop an integrated software system that will bring web content to your television.

While a handful of televisions currently on the market-- for example, a 50-inch Samsung-- offer customers a connection to the Internet, the access is limited.This leaves this market wide open for some major changes to be made. Obviously, Google, this is your cue.

It's no surprise that the Web search giant, which provides the majority of the world's Internet searches and helps fight national cyberattacks, has stepped up and is tackling the future of your television - Google TV.

But how will it work?

The new Google-engineered software will make clicking through Web sites on your television as easy as channel surfing. Through creating a new online interface, the Google technology will allow users to search, watch online TV shows and download other applications, including games and social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Reportedly, the device developer, Logitech, is making innovations to produce a remote with a tiny keyboard.

However, a drawback of Google TV's integrated Web browsing may be the expense for the consumer. Anthony Wood, founder and chief executive of Roku, tells The New York Times that Google TV, due to the required chip for the software, would cost over $200 (Roku's device, which streams content from sites including Netflix, Blip.TV,, is priced at $80). But lest we forget, Google TV would be a fierce competitor of Roku - Wood may soon find himself in a pricing war.

If a new living room television is on your shopping list, you might want to consider holding off until the Google TV hybrid hits the market. Reports say these new products that feature Google's software may be available as soon as this summer.

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