FishVille: Buy the Water Wrasse and help Haiti's water crisis!

FishVille Water Wrasse
FishVille Water Wrasse

Lack of sanitation and clean water have plagued Haiti since January's terrible earthquake. In order to help fund the mission to bring safe, drinkable water to displaced Haitians, Zynga has partnered with a US non-profit organization,, to promote World Water Week through FishVille.

Zynga has also promised that 50% of all proceeds from sales of FishVille's Limited Edition Water Wrasse will go directly to

The Water Wrasse costs 10 Sand Dollars, which converts to $2.00 USD, though up to 20 other currencies are available to use for the purchase, such as the Euro, British Pound, and Canadian Dollar.

To buy Sand Dollars, head to the "+ Add Sand Dollars" tab of your FishVille game. Payment can be done via credit card or PayPal.

The Water Wrasse will have a growth time of 15 Days, earns you 1,500 XP, and sells for 15,000 Coins.

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