FarmVille: Virtual farmers' real-life employers taking notice

The Zynga god himself, Mark Pincus: Photo Source: Robyn Twomey
The Zynga god himself, Mark Pincus: Photo Source: Robyn Twomey

FarmVille has taken over the world. Everyone, or at least 82 million people, are playing. How easy it is to forget that most of us have real jobs outside of virtual farming!

It's kind of nice to play FarmVille while you are waiting on a conference call or looking for ways to kill the clock on slow days. What's wrong with a little farming at work? Is it your addiction to FarmVille that has you crop checking at work or sheer boredom? Well, employers are starting to notice and taking heed by blocking Facebook. Although, farmers may still access their farms through :) features an article about this touchy subject. Read here for entire article: "FarmVille game infecting cubicles employees across the world, employers take notice"

Some interesting facts about FarmVille from the article:

* FarmVille has more users than Twitter (source)
* More than 1 out of every 5 of the 350+ million Facebook users plays FarmVille.
* 1% of the population of the world is an active FarmVille user.
* Only 20 million more people watched Super Bowl XLIV (100m+) than play FarmVille.
* The most TV viewers the World Series had in 2009 was Game 4 at 22.8 million. FarmVille beats the viewership of Game 4 by 60 million people.