FarmVille dogs still coming soon, says FV community manager

farmville dog still coming soon!
farmville dog still coming soon!

In this week's podcast, we were once again told that the FarmVille dogs are 'coming soon,' though there's still no actual release date for the little pup's arrivals.

"I know we have been teasing the new Pets feature quite a bit in the past few weeks and I am very happy to let you know that the awesome new dogs will be making an appearance in FarmVille very soon. I know how excited all of you have been about this feature, and I want to thank you for all of your thoughts and feedback in the past few weeks," says FarmVille's Lexilicious.

OK, so that doesn't really offer any more information than we've heard before, other than getting us all riled up for, what we're calling, the Dog Days of FarmVille. Geez, what a tease.

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