Career Test Controversy - Is Testing Your Career Skills Valuable?

Many job seekers who are looking for some guidance on setting a career path are often directed to take a career test. A series of questions meant to define your interests and point out a suitable career choice, career tests are sometimes looked down upon as being more of a hindrance rather than a helpful assessment of your skills.

Career tests are available at job centers, universities and community schools for those who are unsure which career would suit them best. The tests vary with each school or job center, but are usually free of charge and will present the test taker with a series of jobs that may possibly be of interest to them.

If you are unsure about your career path and are thinking about taking a career test, here's the type of evaluation you can expect to see detailed within your test results. Looking over and analyzing this information can help you make a more informed decision on what type of career you would best thrive in.

Identifies Interests

If you're interested in writing or fixing cars, your interests will shine through on the results page. Even though you may feel that your hobbies don't need to be identified through a test, it helps you narrow down which interests could turn into a possible career.

Defines Skills

A career test will help you define the skills that you would want to highlight on a resume. Anything from being quick on a keyboard to being a confident public speaker, your skill set is one of the best ways to start your career search.

Work Environment

Any work professional will tell you that while you need to love what you do, your work environment is also a huge piece of the puzzle. Getting along with your co-workers and feeling comfortable in your work space can drastically change your views on any job. A career test will answer questions about whether or not you would rather be in a cubicle or outside working with your hands -- so it can help you realize the work environment that suits you best.

Chances are a career test won't be the magic answer to your questions about which career to choose, but it serves as a great starting point. Once you have your interests identified, your skills defined, and you decide which work environment will help you succeed, you can start narrowing down the job search. If you're unsure about your results, don't be afraid to take multiple tests at different schools or center to get the best idea on which career path you can head down.

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