Health care law dissected by college papers

health care reform law
health care reform law

As the national health care bill was signed by President Obama into law, here's a sampling of opinions from various college newspapers across the country:

Kevin Robillard of University of Maryland's The Diamondback discusses the two-fold impact on students: "The results for college students would be immediate. Starting July 1, instead of 1,200 organizations offering federally backed student loans, there would only be one: the Department of Education. And students, who have long struggled to obtain health insurance after graduation, would now be eligible to remain on their parents' policies until age 25."

The editorial board at the University of Minnesota's The Minnesota Daily writes "After 'reconciliation,' 'granny's plug' and 'sweetheart deals,' one can't help but see health care reform through the fatty, yellowed lens of a sausage casing. It has been said laws are like sausages: It is better not to see them being made. ... Political meat grinders on the right have seldom been so shrill, invoking vague, tired charges of socialism or totalitarianism while the left was eager to put a 'historic triumph' spin on reform. The truth was somewhere near the meatless middle, with no public option and no removal of barriers preventing interstate insurance competition."