The Future of Farmville: What will social games look like in 2015?

the future of farmville; what will social gaming be like in 15 years?
the future of farmville; what will social gaming be like in 15 years?

Right now, Facebook gaming, aka 'social' gaming, has attracted millions (and continues to grow), but skeptics still say this form of snack-sized gaming is nothing more than a fad.

Social game publisher, LOLapps, responsible for creating a handful of games including Yakuza Lords, Diva Life and video game tie-in app Dante's Inferno, says that not only is this relatively new form of entertainment not a fad, but -- in five years -- it'll be a serious competitor to Microsoft's Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

LOLapps looked into their crystal balls and conjured five ways social gaming will change in next five years -- some obvious, e.g. social gaming will have better production values, and some less so. Read all five of them, with some extra analysis, below.

1. Facebook games will emerge as a strong competitor to Xbox and PlayStation in the battle to expand user base and share of wallet and find the best game developers.

- Social gaming companies have talent console game makers want – Electronic Arts' acquisition of Playfish is an indicator of things to come.

- Nine out of the 10 top developers and apps on Facebook are in gaming – game dynamic experts, UI design pros and droves of talented developers are considering social gaming as a new outlet.

- Social games are quicker, easier and less expensive to build than console games – developers will jump at the chance to stay agile and develop multiple titles with the potential for fast revenue.