Review of Pet Society Bonsai Trees

Cherry Blossom Bonsai in Pet Society
Have you tried turning a tree into a bonsai? Playfish recently gave us this option, and one reader, Julian from Australia rates it 3 paws. He says that the bonsai is super cute but a bit too pricey (7 Playfish cash). He also reports that the trees in his Secret Garden are still a bit out of place (see the picture above). The problem cropped up after Pet Society went through some major updates in early March.
 Lift your tree to turn it into a bonsai.
In order to turn a tree into a bonsai, you have to lift it off the ground. Note that bonsais don't produce any fruit, so the tree will no longer be a source of cheap organic food for your pet.
Pet Society Bonsai tree options
This article originally appeared on Pet Society Anonymous.
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