Proctor a Praxis exam to put cash in your pocket

proctor standarized test for pocket moneyIf you're looking for an easy way to make extra cash and don't mind waking up early on a Saturday, then I'd like to clue you into a great opportunity; proctoring Praxis exams. If you're not familiar with the Praxis, it is a series of exams that would-be educators need to pass before gaining the right to teach in many states. The exams are held several times a year, mostly at local colleges who rely on paid help from the community to administer and proctor the exam.

Depending on how many sessions you work and the position you get, you could earn close to $120 for a few hours of work, and some locations will even allow you to read a book or newspaper so long as it doesn't interfere with your duties. When I recently worked the Praxis, I made close to $25 an hour and was home in time for a late lunch.

What does proctoring a Praxis involve? It varies based on the position you have, but if you are giving a test your responsibility is to read a set of directions from a test booklet , hand out test materials, and ensure that students do not cheat or disturb others. Students may ask you questions about the process, but nothing about content, so even if you don't think you could pass the Praxis, you can still administer the exam. In addition to administering the exam, there are hall monitors and other support positions available, depending on the size of the exam and topic.

If you want to Proctor a Praxis exam, most of which are given at local colleges, you just need to call the right office and ask if they need any workers for the upcoming exam. The department in charge of the Praxis varies from university to university, but you should check with the Career Development Center or the Education Department. You can find a list of colleges and universities where the next Praxis will be given, on April 24, by visiting the ETS Test Centers and Dates Web site, where the Praxis locations are broken down by state.

As far as temporary work goes, proctoring a Praxis is one of the easier Saturday morning jobs I've had, and while it doesn't beat sleeping in, the extra cash is almost enough to cover a month's payment on my Lending Club loan, which will help me sleep easier.
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