Los Angeles Insider: Malibu Resident Marla Maples

Marla Maples tells us why the Malibu area with it's twinkle-light decorated restaurants and vast beaches is where she's happily called home for more than ten years. And not only is the nature in the area a draw, but her sports-oriented home is as well. Who knew?!

Name: Marla Maples

Age: I've never had a problem saying my age but I don't think it should limit peoples thought process. We are all eternal.

Occupation: Radio host of "Awakening with Marla," songwriter/performer, former star of "The Ex-Wives Club" on ABC

Neighborhood: Malibu, Calif.
Abode: Italian-renaissance-style house. It's got a pool and water slide and basketball court and trampoline, I love sports! I garden and I have a little organic one and it feels so good because you get to touch the earth and connect to it. I made an amazing deal on this house years ago and I feel very grateful.

What do you love most about your area?
I love long walks down the beach. The Santa Monica Mountain range is here so I love being able to meditate and hike up into the mountains. I need to do it more. I love being able to have a sunny glorious day in Los Angeles and still see the snow in the mountaintops.

Do you talk to your neighbors? I host spirituality classes in my home once a month and I do invite some of my neighbors.

Best kept secret in the Malibu area?
I love going to Taverna Tony's, he's so sweet. It's a nice place to celebrate and they have Greek music and belly dancers some nights and other nights you can sit out on the patio and have a quiet dinner with friends. I'm a sucker for white, twinkle-lights and so for me sitting on the patio is beautiful.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday night in your neighborhood? Going to the movies! I'm such a homebody, I'm always so happy to stay close to home. Lighting a fire, getting a glass of wine and watching a movie with my daughter is when I'm the happiest. At night time it's always cool so you can always light a fire in this area.

So you have a music site that just came out? I wrote a song called "One World of Love" with a girlfriend about two years ago and it inspired me to create a music site that's dedicated to music that will help uplift people. The idea for this song came from visiting teens who are in a program to keep them on a positive path for their life or they will go into the juvenile court system. The idea for the music is we want to uplift and inspire people with the music. Everyone involved is donating 20 percent to charities dedicated to peace, love, healing and unity.

You clearly do a lot of spiritual things, is this Malibu-beach-living inspired? I feel like I'm here to learn and share what I learn. And yes, I have to be near nature. I think California and this area is a spiritual healing center. Coming from a big city like New York this was a place I could really heal and learn and really grow. It's conducive to that. The nature has a lot to do with it, but it's also a more open mentality than other areas so there are more options to study spirituality.

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