(Lil) Farm Life Cheats and Tips: Getting Started Guide

(Lil) Farm Life is a game on Facebook where players can create their own farms, harvest crops, buy buildings and decorations and put friends to work.

As you play (Lil) Farm Life, the goal is to earn coins and experience points in order to level up and unlock new items. The major difference between (Lil) Farm Life and FarmVille on Facebook is that in (Lil) Farm Life, you can chat with friends and hire them to 'work' for you.

If you want to learn how to have the best (Lil) Farm Life and earn experience points and coins quickly, keep reading for some great cheats and tips.

Harvesting Crops and Selling
(Lil) Farm Life players start with 2,000 coins. To begin earning coins, use the Plant/Harvest tool to collect the fully grown clovers in the starter farm. The harvested crops can later be sold at the barn. Occasionally a 'bonus' can be found when harvesting.

Keep in mind that each time you plow a block of fallow land, you earn one experience point but spend 20 coins. After collecting all the fully grown crops, players can then earn coins by selling the crops they have collected. To do this, click on the red Barn icon located at the bottom right hand corner of the page. A pop-up box will appear and will show you exactly which items you have and how many of each item you have acquired.

You can choose to sell the crops individually, sell a few of each item or sell all the items in your inventory at once. When you first start playing, the value of the crops collected should be about 650 coins -- trust us, this is more than enough to get started.

Taking Care of Animals
Another surefire way to earn coins is by feeding your farm animals. When this game was first released, the animals were just for decoration. Recently, this has changed. When a player first starts playing (Lil) Farm Life, they will have a few chickens, a dog and a cow. Though the dog and chickens are still purely for decoration, the new Holstien cows can be fed and milked for both coins and experience points.

Planting Seeds
To plant seeds, simply click on the plowed plot of land. This will bring you to the Shop where you can buy Flowers and Seeds. The cheapest option available when you begin playing is the Clover seeds at 15 coins. These can be harvested in 4 hours and will be worth 40 coins when mature. If you're not planning on playing again in four hours, you might want to try planting potatoes. These seeds can be purchased for 40 coins and sold for 89 coins in 20 hours. The most expensive seed available to new players are the Peppers. They cost 50 coins, are ready in 40 hours and are worth 126 when fully grown. As you level-up in the game, new crops like Passion Fruit and Color Peppers will become available. Each time you plant a seed you earn 2 experience points and the cost of the seed will be deducted from your total coin amount.

How to Level Up
The beginners farm in (Lil) Farm Life has everything you'll need to get started, earn coins, experience points and level up. As long as you harvest all the 'free' Clovers, feed your cow, plow the fallow plots of ground and plant seeds to the majority of your starter plots, you'll make it to level 2 quickly. Once this first level is unlocked, you'll be able to buy new items including veggies, decorations and trees. You'll also unlock new gift items as you level up.

Visit Friends and Neighbors & Get Harvest Help
In (Lil) Farm Life, players can have their friends harvest their trees and plots. Unless you joined the game by accepting another player's invite, the bottom of your game-play screen will have empty boxes that say "Add Neighbor". To add neighbors, click on the icon along the left hand side of the screen towards the top that says "Add Neighbors." From here you can send (Lil) Farm Life requests to your friends on Facebook. If they accept your invite, they will become your Neighbors. Each time you visit a neighbor's farm and complete tasks you'll be rewarded with both experience points and coins. The more friends and neighbors that you have, the more you'll be able to earn.

If you have fully grown crops on your farm that are ready to be harvested, you will see a pop-up box that allows you to ask your friends to help. If you ask for help, the (Lil) Farm Life will post to your Facebook wall announcing that you want help in your farm. If your friends respond, both you and your friend will earn more coins and experience points compared to if you harvested your own crops.

Have any additional (Lil) Farm Life tips or are just looking for other people to play the game with as well? Leave a note in the comments below.
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