(Lil) Farm Life Cheats and Tips: Getting Started Guide


(Lil) Farm Life is a game on Facebook where players can create their own farms, harvest crops, buy buildings and decorations and put friends to work.

As you play (Lil) Farm Life, the goal is to earn coins and experience points in order to level up and unlock new items. The major difference between (Lil) Farm Life and FarmVille on Facebook is that in (Lil) Farm Life, you can chat with friends and hire them to 'work' for you.

If you want to learn how to have the best (Lil) Farm Life and earn experience points and coins quickly, keep reading for some great cheats and tips.

Harvesting Crops and Selling
(Lil) Farm Life players start with 2,000 coins. To begin earning coins, use the Plant/Harvest tool to collect the fully grown clovers in the starter farm. The harvested crops can later be sold at the barn. Occasionally a 'bonus' can be found when harvesting.