4 Tips for Crafting a Resume to Complement Your Job Application

The job application and the résumé go hand in hand. The former is the raw data that an employer has about your work experience; the other dives deeper, detailing your skills, accomplishments, and overall job worthiness. Here are 4 tips to make your resume shine and complement your job application.

1. Keep It Short And Sweet

A potential employer doesn't want to flip through multiple pages of an application or resume. Include only your most relevant work experience and appropriate skills that will give your job application a boost.

2. Sell Your Accomplishments

When crafting your resume to submit with the job application, make certain to turn a spotlight on your accomplishments. For example, although it's very easy to mentioned that you "managed a restaurant", it's far more effective to state the number of people that were under your guidance, and the positive impact of your direction on the company as a whole.

3. Proofread Your Resume

Before submitting your resume and job application to an employer, make sure that you've re-read them. The resume shouldn't have any spelling or grammatical errors which will cause any potential employers to toss your paperwork into the trash can. So, after creating or updating your resume, step away from it for an hour (if possible), return, and give it the once over. A fresh perspective can help you identify any potential issues. If you're filling out a job application at the employer's place of business, you won't have time to step away and come back to it, so take your time in filling out the information to make certain that it's error-free.

4. Be Easily Accessible

We live in a technological era that allows us to communicate with one another in more ways than ever before, so there should be no excuse why a potential employer is unable to reach you. Besides listing your cell phone number, include your home phone (if applicable), e-mail, and even a social networking link provided that the page doesn't feature photos of you doing shots in Vegas.

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