Her mood-indicating lip gloss the answer to a man's prayers

mood swing lipstick shows body heat
mood swing lipstick shows body heat

No question bedevils a man more than whether his female companion is in the mood for a frolic. Now a new lipstick promises to tip off the state of a woman's libido by changing color as she warms to his advances.

According the U.K.'s Sun, the Too Faced Mood Swing Emotionally Activated Lip Gloss starts clear. When it reaches deep crimson, the wearer is supposedly ready to rock and roll. The product isn't cheap, however. On Amazon, where it is currently out of stock, it sells for $37 a tube.

Expensive, and, I suspect, unreliable. Color me skeptical. It reminds me of mood rings, rings set with thermochromic stones that change color with body temperature. The theory used to sell them is that your skin temperature indicates your emotional state, a cause-and-effect relationship that isn't valid. I've known cold-handed women who were anything but cold otherwise.

Another new product on the market might also serve to confuse the dating male. The Beauty Smile Trainer is a length of a rubber material that, worn in the mouth, keeps your face locked in a beaming smile, regardless of the situation. An inviting smile is sure to mislead the average Lothario.

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